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Is That a Real Procrastination Elephant On Your Shoulders? Monday Motivation.

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the action of delaying or postponing something.


The act of putting off what you should do NOW, until you feel stinking ready to do it!



You ever wake up and want to say to the world, “I quit!” “I quit, I quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”  Yeah, ME too….and that was just this morning. Waking up under the weather is no fun.

Anyhow last week…due to my late Monday Motivation I decided to teach myself a lesson by assigning the subject of Procrastination to ME, myself and I.


Here I am Monday morning finishing up. So here it goes y’all, bad attitude and everything!

If there was an award for The Chief procrastinator. I think I would win it.

Of course, I’d be notified that I am a contender in the category, months in advance. Yet, I’d look stunned as they announced my name, most likely because I’d be in my seat still writing my possible acceptance speech on my entrance ticket.

And the winner is Kash…ash ash! (That’s the echo of my name) The crowd would go wild!!! The camera would pan over to me. And there I’d be sitting looking stressed, unaffected by the announcement, head buried in my lap, still busy writing that speech.  

Only the shout of KAAAAAAAASH and the person next me nudging me would snap me back into reality.

Oh, it’s real…real annoying!

Procrastination is real and it is a bugger. I have been late, forgotten to make or keep appointments, have paid a bill after a due date. We recently moved and I found a sympathy card and a piece of old equipment that I meant to mail, YEARS ago! In my defense, I have made vast improvement by implementing a few proactive measures.

If you think that you might be a chronic procrastinator..stick around. I’ll keep this one short so I don’t lose your attention span. (insert awkward smiley face emoji)

Are you constantly:

Rushing? Running Late? Ill prepared? Finishing tasks at the latest possible writing a Monday Motivation post on a Tuesday morning?

Do you forget:

Appointments? Bills? Things that you need to do?


There are certain things, we put things off because they are unpleasant and so we avoid dealing with it until the last possible second…or in my case never. Some of us feed off the adrenaline rush we get when it’s finally go-time. There is much argument as to whether or not this is actually a bad thing. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

The habit of procrastination is the actual problem.

Habitual Procrastination

What happens when you wait until the last moment to complete a task and something unexpected arises? You end up making mistakes.

For example, you see that you have a bill due. The final deadline is this Friday. The thought crosses your mind to schedule it now, instead you reason, “I’m busy now I’ll just schedule it Friday morning at work.” Friday morning rolls around and you wake up with the flu. You can barely think straight. It’s not until Saturday when you wake up in a cold and dark house that it hits you… Geeeeeez Louise!

Could you… be a bad person?

Being a procrastinator, that can’t make me a bad person though….or could it?

Who likes to be judged?

Then again….

Who likes to be kept waiting and waiting?

Mmm hmm!


So then……habitual procrastination CAN be a bit arrogant and inconsiderate. If you are constantly late for appointments, parties or even your own events, you are failing to factor in one thing. That is, there are OTHER PEOPLE involved. People who have arranged time in their schedule to accommodate you. While they may never make any complaint, ask yourself, Does that make it right, or even considerate?

Fix it…cause you can.

Now that we have looked at some of the problems, let’s get to the solution.

If someone were to approach you and ask, “Hey, you wanna be a slave for the rest of your life?” You’d look at them and think they were insane. However, we settle for being slaves to our bad habits. We argue that it’s just me, that’s how I am. 

Since when did that become a valid reason for anything?

Make the choice to live deliberately. Quit letting the procrastination elephant sit on your shoulders. Decide that you want to change. Stop settling.

Recognize that small steps equal HUGE gains! Whenever you improve in just one area of life. It inevitably affects other aspects. This is the domino effect.

Stop Rushing– Plan ahead. Always get your clothes ready at least a day in advance. If you can plan your clothing on the weekend for the upcoming week then you will thank yourself.

Set up a place in your home, where everyone can place what they need to walk out of the house in the morning. Sign all papers the night before. Each evening simply remind your family to put their backpacks and coats by the door. Best case scenario. Teach them to do it immediately after homework is finished. It’s a great life habit for them to develop. Make being prepared in advance a normal part of life.

Make lunches the night before and clean up messes A.S.A.P Don’t things now instead of later.

Scheduling Appointments –  When I need to make phone calls tomorrow. First, I make sure all the number and names are programmed into my phone. Next, I create a text with the list of names and numbers I need to call. Then I schedule the message for the next morning. The next day I receive it and it’s all there. I make my calls and text myself or husband the time of the meeting or appointment that I’ve set up.

This method of scheduling texts works well to remind yourself of future appointments.

Arrive on time- Take everything involved in getting ready and out the door for appointments and move it up by 30 minutes. (waking up, showering, eating, getting dressed, to finally walking out the house) If you are typically running 5-10 minutes late you now arrive 20 minutes early.

Pay Bills on time– Schedule your bills as soon as you get them. Keep an electronic tab of due dates in a memo or notepad app. It’s easy to see. Take advantage of online bill pay as it is usually free and allows you to schedule payments far in advance.  


Credit Card 1- 3rd

Car Note- 20th

Electric- 15th

Water/trash- 22

Gas- 30th

In business- Procrastination can cause us to lose both money and customers. As entrepreneurs, we have to be proactive about procrastination. Set deadlines ahead of the actual due date. Make time daily to follow up and schedule new appointments. Have a fail proof reminder system for scheduled appointments. Do not overbook. Maintain good organizational skills.

In Conclusion

The way to fight and beat procrastination is taking a proactive approach.

Keyword: ACTIVE

So this week’s Monday motivation is: Be Proactive.

Set aside a few minutes each evening and prepare for tomorrow.

Put leftovers in a box for lunch tomorrow.

Iron clothes tonight for tomorrow.

Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier.

Do something today to make tomorrow easier and more enjoyable.

Most importantly…Have a good rest of the week y’all! See you next Monday.



Note to self: Go make Mike’s lunch for tomorrow and check out an overnight oats recipe.

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  • Jazz

    I guess you were calling me out. I’m procrastinating RIGHT now. Let me go do some work. I needed to hear this though. Priorities are a must. Here’s to organizing my life and getting things done. Thank you for this!

    • KashandMike

      Lol…thanks for procrastinating here on my site…I’m definitely not gonna complain!

  • Jessica Price

    procrastination is a bugger and it creeps right up. thanks for the great ideas (:

    • KashandMike

      No problem, and it is a bugger, but we got this right?

  • Tiffany Campbell

    Scheduling and writing everything down has helped me tremendously!

    • KashandMike

      I have to do that as well or else….it’s forgotten!

  • Wow I wish I could procrastinate….. as a professional fashion stylist and gown designer, I feel like Im drowning in work lol and if I procrastinated even one minute I would fall so far behind no catching up! ARRRRGH.. great post, xoxo Robin

    • KashandMike

      Haha, sounds like my husband. It sounds like an exciting line of work!