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“Failing to Plan, Is Planning To Fail” said Someone Wise.

“Failing to Plan, Is Planning To Fail” said Someone Wise.

plan n.       1. a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.      2.  an intention or decision about what one is going to do. v.     1. decide on and arrange in advance    -My Googliest Googleness This week I […]

Challenges of Going Vegan #1: Vegan Food Looks Gross!

Challenges of Going Vegan #1: Vegan Food Looks Gross!

ap·pe·tiz·ing ˈapəˌtīziNG/ adj stimulating one’s appetite. -Google Challenge#1: Vegan food looks unappealing. My mother taught me to never use the words Gross or Nasty to describe food. For the title of this post Mom, “I am sorry.” To the rest of the world trying to decide […]

17 Reasons Why Most People Won’t Go Vegan, EVER!

17 Reasons Why Most People Won’t Go Vegan, EVER!


an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof

-Googley Eyes or Google

When I went Vegan for 30 days, I could have never imagined the impact that it would have on other people. There were many questions as to WHY and HOW I was doing it. Often people expressed the desire to eat this way. Their biggest concerns were that it just seemed difficult, or like myself, they were not vehemently opposed to eating meat. People felt that it seemed restrictive.

So, I,  being the nerd that I am, set out to challenge some of these misconceptions. While my family and I are currently on the “Kash Diet.” I just wanted to share some of the things that I learned along the way. Even some of the things that, I myself found challenging.

Going Vegan, Sounds Great! Looks HARD!

Have you considered going vegan, but had doubts and concerns? You are not alone.

Here are a few common challenges that people wanted answers to:

  • Vegan food looks unappealing.
  • What do I eat?
  • It seems intimidating.
  • I feel like it’s expensive.
  • I would die without meat.
  • I crave meat and sweets.
  • I don’t like vegetables.
  • Seems like a lot of work.
  • How do you get full?
  • I need convenience.
  • I don’t like to eat the same things.

Here are a few questions that I am still pondering:

  • Weekend Cheats
  • Moist Fruitless Gluten Free Desserts
  • Low Carb
  • Ketogenic
  • High Energy Foods


Let’s address these one at a time. Next article…

#1 Vegan food looks unappealing


  • Considering going Vegan, what are some of the questions that you have?
  • If you’re already Vegan, what challenges did you overcome?

Please, let us know below. Together, we can find the solution.


Vegan Pancakes with Cardamom Almond Pudding

Vegan Pancakes with Cardamom Almond Pudding

      Some mornings you wake up and just want something good! You know what I mean? When you want something rich and decadent, creamy and sweet and still somewhat healthy. This recipe ticked all of those boxes for us. When your kids who […]

Is That a Real Procrastination Elephant On Your Shoulders? Monday Motivation.

Is That a Real Procrastination Elephant On Your Shoulders? Monday Motivation.

pro·cras·ti·na·tion prəˌkrastəˈnāSH(ə)n/ n. the action of delaying or postponing something.      -Googler The act of putting off what you should do NOW, until you feel stinking ready to do it!        -ME   You ever wake up and want to say to […]

5 things I learned when I died 7 times in one week!!!

5 things I learned when I died 7 times in one week!!!


give one’s attention to a sound
take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request.
an act of listening to something or someone.

-The Google

Have you ever tried to say something and it seems that no one is listening? Have you ever asked a question and no one will respond? Hello world, is anyone out there?

No need to feel picked on, I’ve done it myself.

In fact, I’ve done it quite recently.

Yes, I’m GUILTY!

Have you noticed that nowadays more people are trying to be heard but less people are actually listening?

In the past few months, I have become increasingly aware of this habit. It hasn’t necessarily been toward me but rather in the general population. I know you’re thinking sure, “Not you,” sure pal, wink wink.

I’m telling the truth, although an experience last week acutely reminded me of this.

Listen up, people!!!!

I belong to a few online groups. Most of these groups deal with blogging or online business. You can ask questions and even promote your product. Those are both good things. The following question was one that I asked across 3 separate groups:

Good Morning! I have a request that should take about 3 minutes. Could you read this post and give me HONEST feedback. I have two questions.

1.From a male perspective is it too feminine? I am a female INTJ writer and am trying to appeal to both men and women.

  1. Do you feel that it’s complete..should it have more/less detail? If you have ANY other critique it would be MOST appreciated. I’m not looking for a site review (don’t wanna take too much Thank you!!

Out of three groups, only one person responded. Why? I can’t say exactly. Bad timing? Long winded question? I know it’s not personal. I can honestly say that I’ve done the same thing. I did, however, observe that the following questions yielded a very high response rate each time they were asked:

Would you like more followers? If you follow me, I’ll follow you.  

What is your latest product? Share it.

Would you like more success? Follow me and I’ll show you.

I can’t lie. These types of questions are very appealing to me. I respond eagerly to these as well. Growing and promoting are very important in any business. So then, what is it?

In life, we, which includes me, at times may only want to be heard, and it may be less appealing to listen to others especially if we cannot benefit. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had included a monetary reward would more people have responded? “Hey take 3 minutes and check out my blog and I’ll send you $20.00.

Do you think more people would have been willing to listen? I know that I would have, and that’s not even a lot of money.

The value would have been immediately recognized. 

Creepy double dutch…

As an introverted thinker, I tend to observe a lot more than I would like. I almost can’t help it. It comes with being a patterned thinker as well. If I see a pattern I’ll test it out in a variety of ways. So when I began to notice people’s tendency to fake listen I wanted to see if it was true.

To test this theory I began observing people’s conversations. The best conversations that I observed were the ones in which I had no part. Yes to the groups at the table behind me in Starbucks, Panera’s and our local DMV, I was listening in on ya. ( I know, it’s kinda creepy…but c’mon it was for the sake of science!) It’s a bit comical to sit back and watch a group of people talking and realize that not one of them is really listening to each other.

They even asked questions and did not listen to the responses given. I felt as though I was watching intense double dutch games, with each player waiting for the right time to jump in. Time and time again this is what I observed:

Friend 1: So how was your weekend?

Friend 2: Oh it was the greatest!!! We did this and that and this and that.

Friend 3: Oh good!!! Well, we did that and this and that and then this again.

Friend 1: Oh awesome, I was in the hospital had 3 kidneys removed and my left foot relocated to my right.

Friend 4: Oh that’s super awesome and wonderful!!! We went to the..and then to the…and ended up at the…

That’s not to say that every conversation I observed went this way. However, you would be surprised at how many did.

Taking it a bit further, I moved on to conversations that I was directly involved in. There, I would interject a random statement in the conversation when I detected the other party wasn’t really listening. It was cashiers, friends, and yes even family. I simply said, “I’m dead.” I went as far as changing the inflections of my voice. ( I even James Earl Jonesed it…Luke…I’m dead!) Do you know, that most people responded with, “Oh that’s good!” playing off the whole I’m listening part. One friend said “Oh that’s good!!” And a few seconds later she was like “Waaaait!!! Did you just say you’re dead?” I’m like yup. I think I died in like 7 conversations before this, with 7 other people. We both laughed, I explained my silly theory which she acknowledged, “Yeah, I’m guilty, I was totally on one train of thought, I’m so sorry.”

The MOST guilty party…

It wasn’t until I came home one day brimming with excitement, that I realized I’m as much of the problem as anyone else. You ever get so excited, that you have to share what happened with somebody? Coincidentally, my daughter had equally exciting news that day. Of course in that scenario, the child always wins and so she went first. It wasn’t until I said the words Yeah, yeah, okay, so…….that I realized I had only listened on auto pilot. I was as fake as the rest of the nonlisteners of the world. So I backtracked and had her repeat the story, this time, listening to the details..sharing her excitement. When she was sufficiently satisfied with telling her story, she listened to mine. Funny thing was, I didn’t die.  However, I did learn to:

  1. Hold My Horses. Calm it Down!
  2. Practice listening.
  3. Show genuine interest.
  4. Ask questions and listen to the response.
  5. Don’t be quick to jump subjects…relax.

If you have noticed that auto-pilot is ruling the way you have been interacting with people, then join me this week in….Listening to others.

Yup y’all, that is this week’s Monday day late. So, Tuesdays MOTIVATION!!

Next week’s article…Procrastination.

Note to self: Shhhh! Just listen.

Monday Motivation…Forgive and Don’t Forget

Monday Motivation…Forgive and Don’t Forget

choice n. an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. -Google   When I began to write this last week I thought back to something that was hard for me. I was looking for something that I had […]

Monday Motivation… Disconnect to Reconnect.

Monday Motivation… Disconnect to Reconnect.

dis·con·nect v. break the connection of or between re·con·nect v. 1. connect back together. 2. re-establish a bond of communication or emotion. -Google Does this picture strike you as odd? Probably not. Seems like a normal evening out, in any city around the world. Some […]

Flipp. Why You Should Be Using It. It’s not just about the Grocery Money.

Flipp. Why You Should Be Using It. It’s not just about the Grocery Money.


an economy of or reduction in money, time, or another resource.



I’m fairly picky when it comes to apps. I like to keep my phone clutter free. It may be the only area of life that I’ve mastered the art of minimalism. Whenever I upgrade to a newer phone only a few apps make the cut. Yes, time and time again, Candy Crush keeps on…keepin on. My latest discovery will definitely make it to my newest upgrade. It’s an app called Flipp.

What is Flipp?

It’s a one-stop shop for all of those pesky weekly paper circulars that fill your mailbox. It’s truly green. 

According to their landing page:

“Flipp makes weekly shopping easy with the most digital circulars and coupons for the brand you love.”

I think they’ve hit a homerun with this one!

Why it’s a Keeper!

With Flipp, I receive the latest, most up-to-date circulars for my area. Stores in our locale often feature a Weekly One-Day Wednesday Sale. These sales typically offer grocery items at a steep discount. In the past, I’ve often missed the sale due to a late mail delivery of my weekly ads. Flipp has removed the middleman by sending a notification as soon as ads are available in my area. I plan out my grocery shopping trip much earlier in the week.

Easy Setup

When you first sign up for Flipp, they simply asked for your ZIP Code. Based on this, a list is generated of all current local circulars. You are then able to narrow down the ones that you would like to see most often.

For quick access, flyers are also listed categorically: Automotive, Baby and Kids, Electronics, Fashion, Grocery, Home and Garden, Office, Pets, Pharmacy and finally Sporting-Goods.

Features! Unless you’re from Jersey, in that case…Fee-Chas!

Shopping list

If you typically buy the same thing weekly you can save time by creating a base list. Items are easily added by three methods.

Speak, type or simply take a picture of your paper list.

Here is where it gets even more awesome. As soon as you add an item to your shopping list, Flipp runs a search of current circulars. If it’s in an ad, Flipp shows you the price and location. I simply touch the ads that I like and Flipp saves it to my list. (If only car shopping was this easy.)


The search feature is probably the one I use most frequently. I am able to locate particular items of interest quickly. When I began adopting a healthier lifestyle, my concern was that vegetables would be far more expensive than meat. Growing up my mother always said, “Eat in season.” Using the Flipp app, I researched which seasonal vegetables were on sale. This has expanded my horizons with food. I’ve seen a Jicama in the store many times. However, after seeing it featured in weekly ads, I decided to give it a try. My daughter loved it and it’s now part of our diet.

Price Comparison

During a recent leg workout at the gym, I noticed that I was still having a lot of burning knee pain. I Pinterested it and found that cucumbers may remove acid from joints. That night I began blending Coconut Water, Pineapples, Lime and a Cucumber. It worked so well that I begin drinking this blend regularly. This increased my cucumber consumption exponentially. 

To minimize cost, I simply went onto my Flipp app and did a search for cucumbers. Within seconds Flipp pulled up all of the local ads. I compared prices and found that the price ranged from $.59 per cucumber to  5/$1.00, of course, that was a much better deal. Avocados are also a huge mainstay for my family and I. Performing a search weekly saves both money and time.


I have yet to use the coupon feature. Flipp features a price matchup. For example, it compares current coupons to advertised items and shows the savings. If you live in the United States, Flipp can add coupons directly to your store loyalty and reward cards, which saves money right at the checkout. Just click on My Account and sign in with Google or Facebook. It lists available loyalty cards that you can sync with your Flipp account. For me, that’s a win-win because I hate clipping paper coupons!

Sync and sharing

Flipp now allows you to seamlessly sync your shopping list to all of your devices. I like this because if you’re on your Ipad at home it’ll automatically send it directly to your phone when you’re out. You can also create a shopping list and share it with your family or friends. This is cool. When something runs out at home a family member can simply just added to the list. 

Possible Bonus Benefits

I know that a lot of local retailers offer Price Match. This is where they will lower their price to meet or beat the advertised price of a local competitor. Big stores like Walmart have policies like these in place. I’ve never checked to see whether or not this works with the digital Flipp ads. I’ll definitely have to check into that one. If you already know please feel free to get back to me or comment below.

Eating healthy is important. Saving time and money are key. Flipp helps my family do all three. Which is something that I am definitely Flipped about! Now, you didn’t think I’d  write an entire post and NOT write something corny?

Check them out today!

Note to self: Add my Loyalty Cards to Flipp this week.



Kindness And A Bowl Of Soup.

Kindness And A Bowl Of Soup.

kind·ness n. The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. -Google     Focusing on the positives each week. This week’s focus: Kindness. Loss… In 2007 my family and I suffered a profound loss. What started out as a seemingly perfect day, quickly descended into […]