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Monday Motivation… Disconnect to Reconnect.

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break the connection of or between


1. connect back together.
2. re-establish a bond of communication or emotion.


Does this picture strike you as odd?

Probably not.

Seems like a normal evening out, in any city around the world.

Some studies show that on average people use their phones 5 hours a day.

That’s a whopping 152 hours a month.

It’s time to disconnect.

This leads us to our Monday Motivation…Disconnect to Reconnect

Have you ever been somewhere with a friend who is so oblivious to real life because they live through their phone?

If you are married, do you feel electronics steal the attention you deserve?

Do you have moments when you wanna disconnect everything?

Wife: Honey I think we need to talk?

Husband: Yeah, hold on.

Wife: It’s important.

Husband: After this level.

Wife: It can’t wait.

Husband: It’ll have to. Can you move you’re blocking the screen?

Wife: (Getting upset) No! It can’t wait.

Husband: (Mad, Frustrated, Raises Voice) Whaaaaaaaaat!

Wife: The house is burning down, we have to get out.


The problem…

Electronic overuse and imbalance in daily life is leading to frustration and destroying relationships. The problem occurs when we rely solely on external measures for relaxation, comfort or distraction. This is especially a problem if you have a family. The following poem may seem a bit far-fetched…but then again, is it really?


You woke up this morning to see she was broken.

Immediately you were on it, she’s not just a token.

You picked her up and caressed her,

the work that went into trying to open her up, even impressed you.

You couldn’t imagine what had happened, and to just leave her broken would never do.

Is she sick? Does she have a virus? Why Is she weak? It really bothers you.

How could you go one day without her? She is constantly by your side.

Your closest companion, with your questions you always confide.

She’s the one you go to, most of the day,

and when it’s all over, she’s the one with which you play.

She knows just how to provide relaxation,

she is the best replacement for good conversation

What she has, always keeps your attention span.

After all, she’s your lady and you’re her man…


You can’t just leave her laying there.

Your actions have to show you care.

The attraction is strong and you know that it’s real

You never imagined this was how you could ever feel.

You can never imagine a day without a touch.

If she ever died, you wouldn’t know what to

The pain you are feeling is because your love is true.

Day in and day out, she will always come first.

You know a life without her would be…the worst!


Electronic device where is my family

When oh when did this happen to me,

They were hurt and I stopped caring

The highlight of my day was online sharing.

I stopped holding my wife’s hand.

She could no longer keep my attention span.

Talking to her at dinner felt like a chore

My normal life was such a bore.

When she was crying, she was nagging

Turns out, for my love she was begging.

The kids were excited with things they created

I killed their excitement I wasn’t elated

Whenever I jumped back into reality

It was always belated

Her, for them, is what I really traded.

And now their love for me has faded.

Years later, here I sit all alone.

At least you’re with me still

My girl,



The poem is a bit silly. It highlights the danger of misplaced attention. Male or Female there is no distinction if electronics are the real priority in your life.

What can you do disconnect and reconnect?

Set healthy limits on time and use- Are electronics interfering with dinner?Put them away. Does it freak you out to talk to these strange people around the dinner table? What will we talk about? Are you going to bed with your spouse, or staying up late to be on electronics? Do you get up and kiss your children goodnight? Do you say their prayers, read them a story?

Establish proper boundaries for self– If someone comes in. Stop what you’re doing and give full attention to their concern, no matter how big or small. DO not look at your phone while they are talking to you. Resist the urge. If what you’re working on can’t wait, acknowledge the person, “Hold on for one second, I’ll talk to you as soon as I’m done.” If they leave before then, go find them. Show them that they are important to you.

Turn it off– When you’re with your family or friends give them your undivided attention. On family outings, turn off the phone. Enjoy being disconnected from the world. Reconnect with those who matter the most. If you must leave it turned on, put it on silent and check it as infrequently as possible. At home or on vacation, turn off the T.V and video games and play with your family. Talk to them..yeah it might be a bit weird at first..but keep at it, it’s worth it in the end.

Mondays Motivation is…Disconnect and really Connect.

So, Wake up. Show up. Be present for life. Live.
Prioritize. Put down the remote, the phone, the tablet.
Show people that they come first. You won’t regret it.


Note to self: You awake?

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  • This is so true! It’s high time to do a de-gadget disconnect to keep our balance.

    • KashandMike

      Thank you. I agree. It would be so sad to wake up one day and realize you spent half your life connected to an object, in place of those you love.