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Month: January 2017

Kindness And A Bowl Of Soup.

Kindness And A Bowl Of Soup.

kind·ness n. The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. -Google     Focusing on the positives each week. This week’s focus: Kindness. Loss… In 2007 my family and I suffered a profound loss. What started out as a seemingly perfect day, quickly descended into […]

Attitude vs. Circumstance. Who wins?

Attitude vs. Circumstance. Who wins?

  at·ti·tude n. a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. -Google A few year back I undertook an assignment that put me out in the field daily. My territory consisted of a […]

Monday Motivation…Encouragement

Monday Motivation…Encouragement



the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

-my trusty friend, Google

Monday is a great chance to start off the week fresh.

What better way than to set a goal that we can work on together?

Take a moment and reflect. In your day to day life who is the kindest person you know? The person whose presence just makes everyone’s day. If it’s not already, it could very well be isn’t that nice?

Have you ever had a bad day where everything seemed to go wrong and someone said something to lift your spirits?

It may have been the one thing you needed to get your mind back on track.

Encouragement to a person is like fertilizer to the soil. It helps people to not only grow, it can motivate them to flourish.

When given generously it contributes a happy home life. It is especially important for children to feel encouraged. It helps to build confidence and helps them to thrive. In the classroom and workplace, it leads to greater satisfaction as well as better quality work.

That being said let’s make it our 1st Goal for……..Motivation Monday…yeah that’s really cheesy.

The Goal

This week encourage at least one person each day.


How can I do this?

Who will I encourage?

When it come to HOW we can be encouraging keep it simple. There are different ways to be encouraging. The most important thing is that you take the initiative. A simple act of kindness can make someone’s day. 

  • Is someone sick?

Write them a “get well” note, greeting card or text.

Swing through a local coffee shop and pick them up a cup of warm tea.

Drop off Soup or Lunch.

Grab a bunch of stuff at a grocery and bring it to them. (tissues, favorite magazine, juice, soup)

Call and see if they need anything. Tell them you were thinking of them.

  • Did someone do a good job?

Be specific. Tell them what you liked.

Get them a Starbucks card with a brief note saying “ Great Job on _______!”

Tell them what point you appreciate in their talk or presentation.

  • Kids

Stop off and pick up a cupcake from your local bakery.

Rent their favorite video game.

Write a letter. Kids love this.

Tell them you are proud because _________.

There are an abundance of people we might encounter each day which makes the WHO easy to find. The delivery man. A friendly cashier. Our car wash attendant. The janitor. The CEO. The goal is to be attentive and look for opportunities to offer encouragement.

Our Goal in Action

Never underestimate its value. A person may appear to be callous or indifferent but your kind words may have far reaching effects. Years later they may convey exactly what a kind word at the right time meant to them. Better yet they may never tell you but replicate it to someone else at the right time.

Don’t let the opportunity pass. People are recognizing the value of being purposeful or living with intention. When someone does a great job or you notice a great quality, express it to them with kind words. It may be as simple as a young person holding the door for you and you saying “ It’s so nice to see that people are still kind today, thank you.” Even if 100 people fail to thank them your kind words may motivate them to continue being kind.

Be specific with encouragement. Let them know exactly what you were encouraged by.  It’s easy to fall into a routine of generalizing everything. Instead of saying “Nice to see you,” think about the person qualities. “It’s nice come in and see that you choose to smile everyday, it makes a real difference!”


Encouragement like true love is something that everyone needs. Although true, many people go through life receiving very little of it. This week we are going to do something positive to change that. 

The question is: Who will you encourage?

Note to self: Offer encouragement generously. Most definitely remember this post.


New Vegan. Here’s Some Food for Thought.

New Vegan. Here’s Some Food for Thought.

tran·si·tion n. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. v. undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition. -Google Have you ever been asked, “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” […]

Going Vegan in 2017. You can succeed. Here’s How.

Going Vegan in 2017. You can succeed. Here’s How.

vegan n. a person who does not eat or use animal products. -Google It’s 2017 and you are considering going Vegan? Did you just watch a documentary? Have you been looking at your body in the mirror? Are you getting older and realizing the need […]

5 Ways To Get Motivated Right Now!

5 Ways To Get Motivated Right Now!



The general desire or willingness to do something




If you don’t get up and do what I told you to do RIGHT now,

I’m going to….



How is yours today?



If you’re here, then like myself you may be in a bit of struggle to get a hold of some motivation today.

No worries. It happens to all of us. Motivation functions much like a roller-coaster with highs and lows. Here are 5 ways you can tap into your motivational reserves….even if they seem to be running on fumes.


Mmmm! The good stuff in life.

What is your reward type? Are you Intrinsic in nature or Extrinsic? For each situation we face in our life there usually is some form of a reward factor. Lets face it, the idea of a reward can make almost anything more enjoyable. Of course, what each individual views as a reward, varies from person to person.

Some rewards are physical in nature. Some rewards are not.






Personally the best rewards seems to be within. These are called Intrinsic.

  • Sense of satisfaction
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Meaningfulness
  • Purpose

Extrinsic rewards focus on tangible clear-cut physical rewards.

  • A paycheck
  • A trophy
  • That doughnut
  • Lunch

Interestingly, Myers Briggs really helped me to understand this. The concept is that we are all inherently different and yet very similar. That’s an entirely different paper…but briefly though…

Humans are wired in a variety of ways.

It’s the reason that you may in exchange for working hard all week, view a weekend reading in bed as a reward. Your mate might not see this as rewarding. He may feel the need to get up and go hiking or kayaking, anything active and outdoorsy. Then there is your friend, she wants to go get her hair and nails done and shop in a mall “full of PEOPLE.” As you can see I’m definitely not in the last group. That’s a nightmare, not a reward.

See we are all different. (insert nerd smiley face here)

Progress is a natural reward in itself. The power it holds propels us forward. When you feel that you have forward movement you are able to look back and see the distance that you have come. The advantage of developing an intrinsic reward system is that you find motivation when there are no immediate tangible benefits. No doughnuts. No Lunch. I still work.

A small dose of self-denial tag teamed with reward can help in the long run. It serves as an internal marker.

If I want to have an article written, I get up and start that first. By telling myself to just start, I forgo a few activities. I do not check my email, surf the internet, play games or check social media. I just start by setting up my work space. I reward myself with a cup of tea and small breakfast. I write for a bit. If my motivation is waning I take a small quiet break. The reward for me is seeing the progress I have made that morning, albeit small it’s still progress. On mornings where my brain is on fire and I am able to complete my work, I relish a little in my personal victory. I try to remember that feeling. I stamp it as a future trigger. For the long run.



Yes Mom-nivation is real. When we were young she might have been the check and balance of our procrastination. She had a way of letting us know that dillydallying at some point was no longer acceptable. Whether it was a shrilly reminder, a few threats or a good talk, mom knew how to motivate us. She either reached our heart or reminded us of the potential consequences of our failure to follow through. Momnivation.


While mom had the best way of saying “You got this.” Enlisting the help of others can be motivating. A good phone call or email to a parent or friend is priceless. Especially is this true when they remind us of our goals while still seeing how we are doing in the process. They can remind us of the why. Why are we doing what we do. Why do we work so hard? What is the end goal? Best of all that they will be there to celebrate with us.

There are times when no one seems available. How do you enlist others then? Since the internet is available 24/7 I make use of it. There is Pinterest. I have a motivation board and other boards that serve as visual reminders of my WHY? YouTube contains a personal playlist of videos I find motivation in. I’m currently trying to eat better so I flood myself with videos of Vegans who show HOW they achieve it. True, I may or may not ever become a full vegan. However I understand the power that “good association”  has on the mind. So I tap into that.


Environment can make or break motivation. I’m not addressing the overall atmosphere or culture of your workplace. Rather I am talking about your personal environment and how it affects your motivation. Depending on what we are working on, our surroundings can affect our motivation. There are times we may need to be around people and exchange thoughts, ideas and share in meaningful conversation. For others we might find motivation from solitude and nature. A brief stroll or hike may be just what we need to get our head back in the game.

I’m introverted so the following is how I find ways maintain my focus and motivation.

What are yours?

Organization-Keeping things close and organized. An organized environment lend itself to more productivity. Time wasters such as searching for papers, supplies and a place to work can quickly quell any motivation. Keep your environment simple and clutter free.

Silence-Introverts especially tend to function better in a quiet environment when focus is required. While writing I, for example do best with uninterrupted silence. White noise is fine. Everything else is not. (insert awkward smiley here)  Solution:  I have to get up early before everyone.

What if we cannot change our entire environment?

Music– It can transport our minds and motivate us. The style depends on the type of motivation needed. The key is music that gets you motivated and supplies a rewarding distraction to a less than preferred task. It’s my extrinsic/ intrinsic reward. Create different playlist for different settings ie; the gym, working, cleaning etc…

It can be as simple as a great pair of headphones that cancel out outside noise. When writing in public where I cannot control the environment as a whole, I create a simulated environment that works well to neutralize distractions.

At home or even in office a note on the door “WORKING” please do not interrupt can serve as a kind reminder that your environment is off limits for a bit.

Can you work early in the morning or late at night while everyone is asleep?

What environment works best for you?


Sometimes you have to just push through it. You have to show up and work. You won’t see the reward. You won’t feel the reward. Truthfully you won’t even care about the reward. That’s life. There are days where we do what we have to do……only because WE HAVE TO!

Understanding that this WILL happen to each and every one of us reminds us that, it’s not the end. It’s not even JUST us. The most successful or faithful person has days where they have to go forward despite all of their inner workings that are telling them to stop. You can too. Sometimes quitting isn’t an option. You’ll survive.



Some days nothing motivates you. I mean NOTHING. Perhaps you are sick. I recently had a cold. Yes, a very common cold. I’m not kidding, it was difficult to find the power button on the remote let alone write anything! Perhaps you are burned out or having a crisis and you really just need to relax. Change the direction of your motivation. (small win) Look at the big picture and…. TAKE THE BREAK, recharge. Let it be the reward for all of the other days you found motivation to work hard and push through. View it as a system that you have invested in. You paid the dividends. Now you are here to enjoy the benefits. RELAX.

For a bit. Then get back to life. Let’s not get all crazy here. (insert smiley here)

Eat the doughnut. Go to Lunch.

Note to self: Remember this post.